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Periodontal Care

At Clover Hills Dental in Surrey, we offer comprehensive periodontal treatment options for patients suffering from gum disease.

Gum Disease Treatment & Prevention in Surrey

Treating Periodontal Disease: 3 Steps

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What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease attacks the gums and the bone that support the teeth.

Plaque is a sticky film of food debris, bacteria, and saliva.

If plaque is not removed, it turns into calculus (tartar). When plaque and calculus are not removed, they begin to destroy the gums and bone.

Good oral hygiene, a balanced diet, and regular dental visits can help reduce your risk of developing periodontal disease.

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Bleeding gums: Gums should never bleed, even when you brush vigorously or use dental floss
  • Loose teeth: Also caused by bone loss or weakened periodontal fibers (fibers that support the tooth to the bone)
  • New spacing between teeth: Caused by bone loss
  • Persistent bad breath: Caused by bacteria in the mouth
  • Pus around the teeth and gums: Sign that there is an infection present
  • Receding gums: Loss of gum around a tooth
  • Tenderness or Discomfort: Plaque, calculus, and bacteria irritate the gums and teeth
  • Red and puffy gums: Gums should never be red or swollen.

Periodontal Specialists for Surrey Patients

If your periodontitis is advanced, we refer patients to the Periodontists at Proactice Periodontics in Burnaby for specialized treatment and management of periodontal (gum) disease.

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