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How long do dental implants take to heal?

How long do dental implants take to heal?

There are multiple steps to the dental implant process which means that more than one healing stage may be needed. Here's a little about what you can expect. 

The following lays out what will happen in between the procedure and recovery during each stage of your dental implant procedure. After these steps are successfully finished, you will be finished with your dental implant treatment!

When bone grafting is required before the implant can be placed, a waiting period of approximately four to six months will be necessary before the implant portion of your treatment process can begin. Bone grafting is required when the patient is lacking healthy bone in the area where the implant will be placed.

If an extraction is required ahead of the implant procedure, there may be a healing period necessary for this stage. However, with new advances in dentistry, dentists can now often place the implants at the same time as they perform the extractions, so that there is no double healing time. This stage can take about a week to heal, depending on the patient’s health.

Once four to six months have passed, and the bone has integrated with the implant metal, the second part of the dental implant procedure can begin.

Now your dentist can attach an abutment to your dental implant, to which either an artificial tooth (a dental cap) or denture will be attached.

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