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Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

The dentists at our Surrey office often recommend that patients replace their manual toothbrushes with electric ones to help them better clean their teeth. Here are a few reasons electric toothbrushes have an edge over manual ones.

We'd like to preface this post by saying that manual toothbrushes are highly effective tools for for cleaning teeth, just as long as they are used with the proper technique and for the recommended two minutes twice a day.

If you are satisfied with your manual toothbrush and your dentist is happy with your oral hygiene and general oral health, good job! You can keep doing what you’re doing. 

However, if you and your dentist feel that your oral hygiene could use a boost, an electric toothbrush may be helpful for you. Here's why:

They do the brushing for you

One of the most significant benefits of electric toothbrushes is that they require very little effort or concentration to use.

Those with rotating, oscillating heads make the ideal, circular brushing motion all by themselves, so all you have to worry about is guiding the toothbrush lightly over all the surfaces of your teeth; the electric toothbrush will do the actual brushing work for you!

Built in Timers

Without a watch or timer, it can be hard to tell exactly when the recommended two minutes of brushing is up. You may be surprised, it’s longer than you think!

Most electric toothbrushes come with timers built right in that go off after two minutes, to let you know when you're done.

They make it easier to clean hard-to-reach places

There are two main reasons for this. One is the small, round head can reach those crevices more easily than a standard-sized manual brush. The other is the fact that you don't have to actually perform the brushing motion yourself, which as you probably know, can be difficult when you're brushing the backs of your teeth in particular.

Brushing too hard? An electric toothbrush may actually help with that, too.

This one may surprise you, but it's true! Since you’re not making the brushing motion yourself when using an electric toothbrush, it's much easier to avoid brushing too hard. You just guide the brush lightly and evenly around all your teeth, not really pressing down. It's very easy to start pressing too hard when you're scrubbing, and electric toothbrushes eliminate that problem.

If you have questions about whether an electric toothbrush would be right for you, please feel free to contact our Surrey dental office any time!

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